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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

End of July Urban Garden

The Mexican sunflower gets lots of visitors!

our first carrot!

Butternut Squash

love these curly tendrils!

Zucchinis are picked almost daily!

Garlic harvested on July 28! A mix of white and red Russian.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Our Urban Garden, 2014

Like watching a baby, every day there is something new. Every day there is growth.

This is our Share Garden. It's purpose is to help us engage with our neighbours. People gather over a garden. We've met many neighbours through this garden. Soon, we'll put out the bags so they can help themselves to the harvest.

My pinkie winkie hydrangea.

tomato flowers 

aquaponic green pepper is coming along nicely!

aquaponic swiss chard

aquaponic tower swiss chard

Mexican sunflower

acorn squash, maybe?


potato plants

blueberries look promising!

sunflower emerging

first glimpse of tomato fruit!

we made our tenants this box, their first garden

more potatoes

Aquaponics Annie