My favourite colour is purple. I like most colours, except that I'm not too fond of yellow. I'm a teacher, a student, a wife and a step-mom to four young adult-ish kids. My favourite room is my craft room. I like to play with photography, paper, scrapbooking, book and card making. Thanks for checking out my blog!

Friday, December 27, 2013

One Little Word

This year I am participating in a project called One Little Word.
Discipline is the word I've come to. 
But not as a negative, begrudging, nagging in my head thing. 
Not as a New Year's resolution thing. 
I'd like the opportunity to reflect on the positive side of it. 
To document the benefits of it. 
To unpack some of the blocks I've encountered in the past. 
To move it from a goal/dream/even regret to the daily living of it.
 It's my word of the year. I'm a little scared! 


  1. Beautiful pictures, great word!!

  2. I'm part of the One Word Tribe of Discipline too! Can't wait to see how this word becomes more evident in our lives this year.