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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland 2014

This was a difficult visit, but profoundly meaningful. I wanted to see for myself this place that I have read about. I wanted to bear witness to what happened here. I wanted to walk the paths that were walked by so many people who were marginalized because of who they were.

There were some places where we were not allowed to take pictures. One room was where they kept all the human hair that was found on liberation day. The hair was removed from the victims after the gas chambers because it could be turned into blankets and sold for a profit.

The other rooms where we were not allowed to take pictures were the torture rooms and solitary cells in the basement of one of the barracks.

As I gather and sort through all the pictures of our trip to Poland, these were the ones I wanted to go through first. I have not had time to fully process what I saw and heard here, and making this slide show has helped. They deserve their own space, so I've made a slide show just for this day.

Click HERE to see the slide show.


  1. Thank you Joan and Barry for being custodians of truth. These somber places are constant reminders of what people do to people. That said, I think it is worth mentioning that in recent years due to various factors these places are called "Polish concentration camps". That suggests that horror of these places was brought on by polish people. It hurts deeply every pole around the world. If you can, in your discussions, please call these places "Nazi extermination camps in modern day Poland". As current custodian not creators of these places, we bitterly embrace them as reminders of what was and what should not happen again. Thank you for reminding us all of sad moments in history that we all wish never happened, and hope never to witness again.

  2. Oh Joan! How moving. Thank you so much for putting this together and posting it.