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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday breakfast

For the last five or six years my husband and I have been going out on Saturday morning breakfast dates. We like to try new places, though we also have a few favourites. We are usually on the lookout for the perfect bakery and coffee combination. It's hard to find good coffee AND good pastries at the same place. 
Today we found both! And in a most unique place. Here is the link to Le Marche on St George street. 
It's on the corner of a residential area. It's like a grocery store and coffee shop rolled into one. With beautiful, artsy treasures. It felt a little like stepping back in time. It also reminded me of a colmado in the Dominican Republic. It had perfect colmado shelves on the back wall, full of row upon row of glass olive oil bottles, jellies and jams and brown paper packages of pasta and flour. 

Sorry, this was removed. Google colmado images and you will get a flavour. 
a Dominican colmado, a corner store where you can buy anything from liquor to chips, matches  and toilet paper. Usually a social gathering place, with chairs outside.

Heirloom tomatoes arrived while we placed our coffee order at Le Marche.

There are a few places to sit. This one was by the window, and we could see the organic fruit and veggie stand just outside. 

This was an exceptional decaf americano.

Pastries and coffee served on an antique silver tray.

Hello, beautiful colours!

This is the front door.

I think we will be returning!


  1. I love my neighborhood! If you go over a few blocks to Main, you'll find more "colmados". My favorite thing to do on a weekend is to park the car and just walk to go out and buy the food I need at the colmado, reminds me of home.

  2. I keep hearing about this place but haven't been yet so will go check it out!

  3. Like a Dominican Colmadito?? Pretty classy, and where are the flies?

  4. HAHA, ok, mum. No flies. But there are some things that cannot be exported. It's more the grocery-local-social gathering kind of place that reminded me of colmaditos. :)