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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Last Day of School

Today, I said good-bye to the best class I have ever taught. I'm not sure what made this particular year so special. They're all special. But this class was a particularly special one. Someone very close to me wrote a letter to my class. I read it to them today and gave them each a copy for their scrapbook. Before I read it aloud to them, I told them I might cry while reading it. I said it's not because I'm sad, it's because it's coming from my heart. So I read it. I cried. I couldn't help it. Here it is:

Dear students in Mrs. Jung's class,
Congratulations on completing grade 4! This is the first time that I’ve ever written a letter for any of Mrs. Jung’s classes. There are many reasons why am writing to you.

1. I feel as if I 
know each one of you because of the many times I’ve seen the iMovies that Mrs. Jung created and produced about your class
2. Mrs. Jung has been taking lots of pictures and videos of your class and showed them to me
3. Mrs. Jung talks about you almost every school day at dinner
4. All of you helped her in completing her Masters of Education study at Simon Fraser University
I think the most important reason that I want to write to you, is that your class IS the BEST class that Mrs. Jung has ever taught. 

How do I know that you’re the BEST class?

I hear about your amazing accomplishments and the good character that you all possess and are still developing and the commitment you all have shown to work through challenges with school work and with friendships. I also hear about your willingness to learn and your enthusiasm to become a life-long learner. I also hear about how you have inspired Mrs. Jung to be a better teacher. I know that she has treasured the relationship that has developed between you and her. Relationships are important! I know that Mrs. Jung has loved teaching you this year and sincerely believes that each one of you is special and precious. 

As you go on to different teachers and higher grades, each year of school will get a little more difficult, but I know that you will all do very well. I want to encourage you to work hard at your studies, and to build strong and lasting friendships with your current and future classmates. You all know that learning is done both inside and out of the classroom, so I want to encourage you to stay in touch with teachers and staff of this school. They like that, especially when you go on to high school and then onto work or university and come back to visit. Teachers like that and Mrs. Jung especially likes her students to visit her.… not because she feels important but because she enjoys rekindling the relationship she has with each one of you and wants to see your development as you grow into maturity and character. Staying in touch is a good thing! 

Well done class…. You’re truly the best!
Way to go,
Mr. Jung

One of my students came up to me later on and said, "That was a great letter."

I agreed with her and told her I would tell Mr. Jung.


  1. Joan It is clear that you have touched their lives with the love of Christ.

  2. Mr. Jung writes a remarkable letter that those children won't forget - it's great that you gave them a copy for their scrapbooks.
    I love the pencils in the chives.
    Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your life as a teacher. Your class has been blessed forward!