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Monday, September 17, 2012

Scrap Paper Cards

WOW, it's been a long time since I have it goes.

I have a lot of little itty bits of scrap paper in my craft room. They collect in a box. One box for large scraps, one for small bits. So today I took out the small bits and decided to put them to good use. I wanted to turn them into cards.
First, I picked a variety of scraps, and looked for patterns that looked good together.

Then I cut them to sizes that would fit on the cards I had.

I layered them onto the cards and glued them down using a glue stick.

Next, I did what I like to call layering and embellishing. I used a medium circle punch for the circles.

Some of the papers had texture in them.

I added further texture using buttons and glitter dots. The buttons were glued down with liquid glue. Glitter dots are like a glue already, so you just dot them around where they fit.

Some of the patterns are enhanced with glitter dots.

Finally, I added ribbon for stems. I also used small dots of white liquid glue to adhere the ribbon.

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