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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Home made Calendar

I hate paying $30 or more for my purse sized calendars, so for a few years now I have been making my own. I even reuse the cardboard from year to year. It's a simple book binding wrap, and you can download free calendar templates or use ical. When I did buy the expensive plain ones, I also found that I only used the month at a glance page. So that's what I use in my home made one.

This year I covered it in old atlas paper. This atlas used to belong to my grandma, so sometimes I'll find her handwriting or underlining of cities and places she'd been to.

It's almost September, so I decided to spend some time this weekend making it.

the front cover

I printed the inside cover using identification info should I misplace it. Nice to be able to customize it!

I have a tab maker punch that I used to make tabs for each page. I punched it out of the same paper as the front cover.

I added some fun washi tape for the blank spots on each month.

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