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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fieldstone Artisan Breads

This was the colour of my breakfast yesterday: Raspberry with White Chocolate Scone. 

We drove to Fieldstone Artisan Breads because we had heard of its deliciousness and wanted to try it out for ourselves. It was an experience for the senses! The smell was warm and welcoming, with fresh bread baking and the whole place busy with anticipation of customers. The display cases were full of tempting treats. The bakers were friendly, and the servers treated us like they knew us. It was so delicious! 

Granola in baskets.


You can tell this was made with a lot of love!

This is a place I would like to visit again! 

There were so many eagles on the drive to and from the bakery. 
On one tree alone, I lost track after counting seven large ones!


  1. looks wonderful-great pictures as usual-I am already planning a weekend outing!

  2. Thanks, Meredyth for the photo compliment. I give it a big thumbs up! Let me know what you try. BTW, they cannot serve coffee there, as there is an Esquires upstairs, but they let you bring Esquire coffee into the bakery. So you can enjoy the smells and sights while enjoying the wares as well, and with your coffee too.

  3. And Meredyth, just to clarify- I give Fieldstones bakery a big thumbs up! ;)

  4. Thanks Joan-I am looking forward to it-I love mini personal field trips

  5. Great pictures - I am really enjoying your "color" themes! Looks like a great bakery, I bet they would love to see a copy of this!