My favourite colour is purple. I like most colours, except that I'm not too fond of yellow. I'm a teacher, a student, a wife and a step-mom to four young adult-ish kids. My favourite room is my craft room. I like to play with photography, paper, scrapbooking, book and card making. Thanks for checking out my blog!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sacred Ground

Every three weeks or so some friends come over to work on our faith journals. It's a visual art journal combining art and faith. Tonight we met and our topic was one of my favourite authors, Frederick Buechner. We listened, we laughed, we shared meaningful quotes, and we got a little bit done in our journals. Just a little bit.

I persuaded them to watch my Hawaii slide show from just before Christmas. Some of the colours and textures made me catch my breath as I viewed them again after a break of not seeing them. Maybe it's the grey skies and the rains that I am immersed in these days that make the colours stand out so vividly. Maybe it's just sharing it with friends and having them notice things I had not noticed before.  It's a bit surreal to see these photos and realize I was there, and not that long ago. 

Maybe that's why I love taking photos. So when I am surrounded by grey and rain I can remember the colours I drank in not that long ago...and anticipate colours to come. Sometimes even within the grey. 

Next time we meet our theme will be Finding Colour in Life, using collage. How perfect! 


  1. LOVE your photos :)
    I can't wait until you/Barry retire to s'where tropical that I can visit. Often.

  2. Thanks, Alison! Wow, if you know where that s'where tropical is, let us know!