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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Siu Mai and Snowmen

My collage is made up of papers that all crossed my path this week:
  • innocent coffee was my breakfast date last Saturday
  • frederick buechner, who was part of my reading and creativity (photo and quotes)
  • the plumeria flowers were on the mauna loa bag of macadamia nuts that I finished off
  • across the street at spicy court for dim sum lunch was my date this Saturday
  • the joys of winter with cute snowman was off my coffee sleeve today
  • black and white wrist band from one of my gym days
  • I cut apart  the window envelope that brought me my December VISA bill
This week I was comforting a student in the classroom cloakroom. Not one to usually show emotion, he was sullen and I could tell he was holding back a bother. Someone had alerted me saying that she didn’t realize that in a recess game she had destroyed his snow- a big ball on the gravel field left over from the snow last week. I explained this to the boy, who nodded to let me know that this was indeed what he was upset about. I tried to console  him by reminding him that it will snow again. And that’s when the tears really started rolling down his cheeks. He exclaimed in a broken voice, “But it was my first snowman!”

It was so innocent. His pain was so real. There was such a finality to his declaration. There was nothing more I could do or say but a gentle, “I’m so sorry.”

So I’m glad the snowman got into my collage this week. It will remind me of the what I learned this week: to try to understand the very real issues that some of my students go through. To my eyes, it may not seem like such a big deal. But if I try to see it through their eyes, maybe I can understand them better and give them space to grieve their smashed snowmen that will never be again. 


  1. Beautiful Joan. I am 'getting' this collage thing I think. I did one as a literacy exercise with my friend this week - we each did one. It was 'way beyond' our expectations! I can't quite explain it, but besides all the great literacy (I'd pre-cut many words and she was dying to figure them all out so she'd know if she wanted to use them or not) we each (including her 5 yr. old working on her own) went into a quiet space as our making art with words was teaching us something deep. I have a tear forming just writing about it. She teased me that I just brought 'play things' for literacy that evening, but by the end she asked if we could learn more like that. Absolutely!
    You are a great inspiration Joan!

  2. Beth, that is true learning isn't it?! What a great literacy idea! Are you collaging in a spiral book? Because then there would be lots of opportunity for review/practice and also after time has passed, to be able to look back and see growth and progress, which is also so important for learning. Thanks for sharing!