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Sunday, March 13, 2011

1st week of Lent, story #1

So the act.s relentless acts of justice story of the week can be read here.

I've been thinking of Sylvie and her children today. I wondered what time they got up and when they got to work. I am especially moved when I hear that children want to go to school, dream about going to school, and they can't. Children should go to school.

So this week, for the focus on 'worthless', I am trying the living more simply idea by not purchasing anything that is not needed for basic survival. I will not buy coffee or meals out. I will make do with what is in my fridge. I know my fridge is way more than Sylvie and her children see in a long stretch of time. So it is a little step only. I will also be thinking of Sylvie each day.

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  1. Thanks for blogging your thoughts, Joan. I'm participating in this as well, and find your reflections both encouraging and challenging. This week I'm aiming to eat only $14 worth of food (still debating whether to put Elizabeth through this, though that would sure heighten the feeling of "lacking" if I can't even feed my family well, right?). May God bless you as you take steps to enter into Sylvie's world.