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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Visual Journal: February 2013


A gentle life 
is not driven by the urgent 
but makes space to listen 
to the heartbeat of God 
and others 
and self, 
and act in tender response. 
-carolyn watts

I read Carolyn Watts' blog here. This idea, this phrase, this imagery became our theme for February, 2013. 

For this page I used gesso and acrylics- mixing the paint into the gesso while it's wet on the page. 
I also used templates and acrylic paints. 
I collaged tissue paper and stamped them with the heart stamp using silver ink. 
The photos were printed on my black and white printer. They were taken just down the block from our house. I wanted to include this part of our neighbourhood because Jonathan recently said something about a big chunk of our daily lives are spent going from A to B. Sometimes the in-between places are where we need to slow down and pay attention. There is a little community that gathers outside our local liquor store. Thanks to Jonathan, now I know their names. For me, that's a tangible example of what it means to live a gentle life not driven by the urgent. 

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  1. I love what you've done with this, Joan! Actually, I've just read back through several of your pages and I love them all. Thanks for sharing your art. I'd sign up to follow if your blog had an email option. I wonder if there's a way for you to set that up on blogspot?