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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Barcelo Capella

Then we headed to the resort. It took over an hour to check in. There was a YWAM group just checking in as well. We explored the grounds, found our way to the beach and walked along the sand. It was nice to just sit on a chair and relax a bit. It was overcast. Walking into the buffet dining area was overwhelming. All of us just looked around and we didn’t know where to start. We finally found a table near the water and then started in. It was an absolutely gorgeous setting, with white table cloths and white cloth covered chairs, overlooking a grey blue ocean with white sand. A bit surreal. While eating, the clouds finally gave way to a torrential down pour and they had to draw the curtains so that the water would stay out. We waiting out the storm there before walking back to our sleeping area. It’s a large complex.
We stayed two nights here. The beach was lovely. Sitting on the beach chairs under a palm was a great way to reflect on the project. I talked to a lot of people who worked on the beach selling things. It was interesting to hear their stories. I had a pedicure on the  beach. Barry and I did beach aerobics to try to work off some of the food we were eating at the all inclusive...
It was all very beautiful to be there...but to quote Niki, There’s nothing that compares to serving God along with other people. There was a certain emptiness there after having such a fulfilling week.

cafe con leche on white linen coth with a beach view = sheer bliss for Joan

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