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Monday, July 18, 2011

monte plata journal pages part 7

July 12
Km 12 was our clinic today. It was in a school just on the main roadway/highway. Integral Health was all in one room, combined kids and adults. We had a record 31 kids. I was on my own today as we were a bit short staffed. One person came to faith while in integral health! The children were really nice today. I had to go outside for teeth brushing, but left the other kids on their own often, and they did just fine. It was terribly hot today in the room. Finally, in the afternoon as we were waiting for the dental clinic to finish, the thunder and lightning happened and the rains came, cooling it all down. The roofs were steaming as the rain came down, it was so hot that it just evaporated the rain. When the drips did come down off the roof’s eaves, they were hot!
This afternoon just before dinner we went to the internet cafe and checked in with emails and facebook. Teo Beato was here just before dinner and it was good to see him.

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