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Monday, July 18, 2011

monte plata journal pages part 5

July 10
What a wonderful weekend! I am full, full of joy and reenergized to head back to work tomorrow. Yesterday was a great day at the beach. I loved the drive to Samana and the boat ride to Cayo Levantado. The beach was small but beautiful. Lunch was included in our excursion. I got a sunburn, of course. My shoulders and arms got burnt. On the drive home they stopped at a roadside place so I could buy queso de hoja. We had some for breakfast this morning. It made me happy.
Today was Sunday. We had breakfast a little later than normal, at 8, and then headed to the Templo Biblico for 8:30 start. It was moving to worship in the same church we set up clinic in on our first day. I met Ramon Prensa, a long time worker in these parts. He is an amazing man. His family are beacons of light.  We visted the orphanage they run today and it was a blessing to be there. These homes are beautiful and comfortable. I met two people who lived there as children who now work full time for the ministry. One is a “madre” and one is a general helper, mowing lawns, fixing things, etc. I met Juana there, Ramon’s wife. She was a breath of fresh air- full of love and blessing. I really enjoyed talking with her today and hope that I can see her again before we leave.
But back to the church service. It made me cry, because it was so familiar to be there. It’s hard to write in words what I felt about it. I loved the singing, I loved taking communion, I loved that I met Gladys there who knew my parents in Santiago.
I was moved to tears to know that there is a connection with this church and Granville Chapel. They wanted me to write down the church name so that they could pray for us. I got to bring a greeting from GC and also speak on behalf of the MMI team.
At the church they just finished a DVBS with 500 children. They also spoke about the campamento where the young people were and many made a declaration of faith there. Some of the older teens from the Casa Monte Plata ( orphanage) were working as counsellors at the camp. It’s evident that God is working among the people in this church. It was such a blessing to be there.
I imagined the opportunities there are to serve alongside this ministry. Juana told me that we could pray for workers to come and be parents here in the homes. There are not enough labourers and the work is plenty.
I took a long nap today in the afternoon before we went to the orphanage. Before dinner I went with Barry to walk along the streets. No stores were open, because it was Sunday. I took pictures of colourful houses. They are so beautiful. We stopped at a colmado where a cute little girl was sitting in the doorway. We took some pictures together, bought some snacks. I loved it. We walked through the park in the center of the city, walked by the catholic church, then went and visited the Eva Russell school. Juan Bautista (not the baseball player) gave us a tour. He also works with us on MMI clinic days. I really am impressed with this young man. He is 28 and has a huge heart. He has worked at the school since he was nine years old.

Templo Biblico, Monte Plata

Ramon Prensa


encuentros en el colmadito

Juan Bautista "Mello"

in the Casa Monte Plata, orphanage

Each home has the photos of the kids that live there displayed on a shelf, just like in a real home.

TJ with Anthony and ______. They loved playing with him.

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