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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Monte Plata journal pages part 4

July 7
Today we went to El Chirin. We worked in a health clinic alongside a Dr who was doing her internship and some nurses who also work there. We saw so many people in the clinic today. It was busy and I saw some very very simple people. One man didn’t understand Barry and he made all the people in the waiting room laugh when Barry tried to weigh him and he wanted to sit down on the scales. He had very few teeth and was older.
I helped a boy brush his teeth and I saw he had very bloody spittle. I suggested that he brush his teeth more often. He told me that the blood was because he had just had a tooth out. I asked him when, thinking he had just been to our dental clinic and I should not have been brushing his teeth. He told me he had pulled it out himself yesterday because he was in so much pain. I asked him what tool he used and he told me a nail clipper. This made me so sad. Our dental clinic had already registered their last patient of the day. We also ran out of tooth brushes today. Alex is going to buy us some tomorrow. We did 14 flouride treatments on kids today. I didn’t take many pictures. We had a sancocho for dinner, with platano frito. It was very delicious.
July 8

trouble makers in Anton Sanchez

Candace, Stacy, Carly, my new friends from Austin, TX
Today we were in Anton Sanchez. IT was a school. Robin and I traded jobs today. She took my place with the kids and I interpreted for Candace, a nurse practioner. I really enjoyed the day. It was nice to talk with adults for a change and get a bit more sense of the lives of the families that we are seeing. This town has been my favourite so far. I’m not sure how to describe it, but there was a feeling among the people that was so kind and generous and grateful. At lunch Barry and I went for a walk and just went down the road a bit. We were invited in to two homes. It was so lovely. We were offered pineapple, a bag of chinola and fresh huevos criollos. (eggs) We politely said no. It was so beautiful to be inside their home. They offered us chairs in front of the tv that was showing the noon hour soap opera. I told them we had to get back soon, but I really wanted to see their kitchen. We went out the back to the kitchen-shed. She was cooking over an open fire, the stove part made of clay. Lunch was to be chicken soup. It looked very watery. She explained that she wanted a better kitchen, but there was no money for that in these days.. Life is tough. The little girl of the house was thrilled to have us there. We took lots of pictures together. She was so precious. Back at the clinic I joined Alex outside under the almond tree to catch some breeze. There were two little precoucious boys there. Boy, did we have fun together. They thought it was the most hilarious thing that an ant had fallen on my camera and I was trying to blow it off. They laughed deep belly laughs. I did too. Then they thought it was funny that they stepped on my clean shoes with their muddy shoes and got me dirty. They were getting into trouble all day. When we took pictures with their mom I heard her tell them, “Ay, mira, vamos pa’l feisboo!” transl: "hey look , we’re going to be on facebook"... there are a few changes that catch me off guard. These people who have dirt floors know what facebook is. Seeing patients in the waiting area on their cell phones. Seeing women driving motorcycles. Internetear is a verb. Lato=laptop.
Tonight barry took me on a date to go buy ice cream at helados bon. Before dinner he went out on his own and bought hilo dental. I am so proud of him. There was a strong thunder and lightning storm this evening but we made it to ice cream without getting caught in the rain. The power went out tonight and the generator had to be put on. It’s so loud when it’s on it’s hard to hear each other. Barry and I stood out on the sidewalk so we could talk and stay cool.
My ankles are swollen tonight. I am tired. I am looking forward to a day at the beach tomorrow. We breakfast at six thirty and will get to the beach at nine. We will get back for six thirty, dinner time. Then Barry and I have been invited to the home of Ramon and Juana Prensa, friends of my parents. I am really looking forward to meeting them.
Tomorrow we say goodbye to four of our team. I am sad to see them go. Three are my roommates.

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  1. I'm sure I'm not the only one reading these. I can't help but comment.
    I love it Joan. You write like you talk - funny that. You've done an extraordinary thing to go back right on the heels of your busy school year and serve like this. You've even lived dorm style! Thank you for journaling each day as it really gives us a feel for your trip.