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Friday, July 15, 2011

monte plata journal pages part 2

July 5, 2011
Today’s clinic was in El Dean. It took ½ hour bus ride to get there. I loved the ride. We crossed several rivers. They were chocolate brown because of all the rain yesterday. We worked in a school. The classrooms were better stocked than some of the schools I had been in before. The children’s intergral health unit was in the five year old’s room. It was beautiful, with little tables and chairs. It had a bathroom and a kitchen in it. We were busier than yesterday. It was not as tiring as yesterday. There were some beautiful children. Beautiful in looks and smiles, as well as their character. There were three different kids who did not want to leave. Their mums had to wait for them. The stories today were the Prodigal Son and the Healing of the Paralytic. I loved it when the boys who were about 8 or 9 chime in to the stories, especially about the forgiveness of God and how it is real to us today. There was also one little boy who seemed so disinterested in everything. He didn’t want to colour or talk. He had a deep sadness about him. He told me he lived in the capital and he was just here for the summer holidays to visit his dad and grandparents. I wondered why he was so despondent. Today it poured rain just as we were packing up the pharmacy to get back on the bus. It was a hard, hard rain. It bounced back up off the sidewalk just like it used to when I was little.

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